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Page Title: Recoverability code
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complete repair of the support item is the
Cannibalization or salvage may be used
depot level.
as a source of supply for any items
L-Repair restricted to designated Specialised
source coded above except those coded
Repair Activity.
XA and aircraft support items as re-
Z-Nonrepairable. No repair is authorized.
stricted by AR 70042.
B-No repair is authorized. The item may be re-
(2) Maintenance code. Maintenance codes
conditioned by adjusting, lubricating, etc.,
are assigned to indicate the levels of maintenance
at the user level. No parts or special tools are
authorized to USE and REPAIR support items.
procured for the mainitenance of this item.
The maintenance codes are entered in the third
(3) Recoverability code. Recoverability codes
and fourth positions of the Uniform SMR Code
are assigned to support items to indicate the dis-
Format as follows-
position action on unserviceable items. The re-
(a) Use (third position). The maintenance
coverability code is entered in the fifth position
code entered in the third position indicates the
of the uniform SMR Code Format as follows-
lowest maintenance level authorized to remove,
replace, and use the support item. The mainte-
Z-Nonrepairable item. When unserviceable,
nance code entered in the third position indicates
condemn and dispose at the level indicated in
one of the following levels of maintenance.
the first digit of the maintenance code.
O-Repairable item. When uneconomically re-
O-Support item is removed, replaced, used at
pairable, condemn and dispose at organiza-
the organizational level of maintenance.
tional level.
F-Repairable item. When uneconomically re-
pairable, condemn and dispose at the direct
A code "C" may be used in this `position
support level.
to denote crew or operator maintenance
H-Repairable item. When uneconomically re-
performed within organizational mainte-
pairable, condemn and dispose at the gen-
eral support level.
F-Support item is removed, replaced, used at
D-Repairable item. When beyond lower level
the direct support maintenance level.
repair capability, return to depot. Condem-
H-Support item is removed, replaced, used at
nation and disposal not authorized below de-
the general support maintenance.
pot level.
D-Support items that are removed, replaced,
L-Repairable item. Repair, condemnation, and
used at depot only.
disposal not authorized below depot/Spe-
cialized Repair Activity level.
(b) Repair (fourth position). The mainte-
A-Item requires special handling or condemna-
nance code entered in the fourth position indi-
tion procedures because of specific reasons
cates whether the item is to be repaired and
(i.e., precious metal content, high dollar
identifies the lowest maintenance level with the
value, critical material or hazardous ma-
capability to perform complete repair (i.e., all
authorized maintenance functions). When a
maintenance code is not used a dash (-) sign is
b. Federal Stock Number. Indicates the Fed-
entered. For multi-service equipment/systems
eral stock number assigned to the item and will be
or when a code is entered, this position will con-
used for requisitioning purposes.
tain one of the following maintenance codes as
c. Description. Indicates the Federal item
assigned by the service(s) that require the code-
name and a minimum description required to
identify the item. The last line indicates the
reference number followed by the applicable
O-The lowest maintenance level capable of
Federal Supply Code for Manufacturer (FSCM)
complete repair of the support item is the
in parentheses. The FSCM is used as an element
organizational level.
in item identification to designate manufacturer
F-The lowest maintenance level capable of
or distributor or Government agency, etc., and is
complete repair of the support item is direct
identified in SB 708-42.
H-The lowest maintenance level capable of
d. Unit of Measure (U/M). Indicates the stand-
complete repair of the support item is general
ard or basic quantity by which the listed item is
used in performing the actual maintenance func-
D-The lowest maintenance level capable of
tion. This measure is expressed by a two-char

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