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Page Title: Circuit Rerouting
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TM 11-5895-878-14&P
to the command headquarters, and/or high command
or portion of the circuit or system. The magnitude of
echelons, as directed.
failure will determine the degree of emergency attached
to each service interruption. A majority of the service
troubles encountered can be attributed to failure of a
3-18. Circuit Rerouting
minor item of in-station equipment; in this case, the
Circuit rerouting is normally accomplished on a planned
station  personnel  are  able  to  restore  service
(scheduled) basis on orders from DCA or ACC. System
expeditiously by patching in spare equipment or
planning and growth, circuit priorities, link or equipments
components. As soon as maintenance personnel repair
reliability, subscriber population density, party line or
or replace the failed items, the circuit is restored to its
command net configurations, and system maintenance
normal path. All troubles must be logged and reported,
may be major system operating factors which generate
but the use of installed spares need not be coordinated
circuit rerouting requirements.  In addition, system or
with ACC prior to getting the circuits back in service.
equipment failures may necessitate emergency circuit
Any nonpatching type rerouting actions required to
restore service to less than highest priority critical
a. Normal Circuit Rerouting.  All normal circuit
circuits must be first coordinated with or have the
rerouting requirements are determined by ACC or higher
approval of DCA or ACC.
authority and are primarily based on satisfying customer
demands or improving communication services in a
c. Catastrophic Failures.
The failure of link
particular area of the system.  In the latter case, the
equipment, transmitters or multichannel equipments
determination or requirement is the result of study and
involving critical highest priority circuitry, either by error
analysis of system operating and service conditions.
or intent of man, or by natural forces, are considered
The information is taken from the daily technical control
catastrophic failures. Under these conditions, the
and maintenance logs and reports which are submitted
restoration of service to critical and high priority circuits
by all stations to satisfy system operating statistics, and
is of paramount importance. Of equal importance at this
record requirements at ACC and/or higher headquarters.
time is the need to notify ACC of the failure event, the
When a normal circuit rerouting requirements is
point of failure, extent of damage, estimate of work,
established, ACC issues the work directive which
equipment, and time involved in correcting the failure,
combines the information needed for a circuit activation
and what has been done or is being done to restore
and a circuit deactivation. The station supervisors verify
Station supervisors and station technical
the details of the directive, check that all required
controllers  immediately  take  action  to  reroute
equipments and/or facilities are available for use, and
predetermined critical and high priority circuits to the
schedule the work for completion. As soon as the work
maximum degree possible over available spares
is completed, and the circuit verified in service, the
wherever alternate routing links are available.  As
station records are updated and details promptly
services are restored, DCA and ACC are notified. DCA
forwarded to ACC in order that the system master files
or ACC evaluates initial reports and all subsequent
and records can be maintained current at all times.
status reports and initiates necessary instructions to
station supervisors and technical controllers detailing
b. Emergency Circuit Rerouting.
Any circuit
additional circuits to be rerouted and routes to be used.
rerouting  necessitated  by  system,  equipment,  or
DCA or ACC also indicates which, if any, lesser priority
facilities failure can be identified as an emergency
circuits will be preempted in order to maintain a
Emergency  circuit  rerouting  is
maximum service balance throughout the entire system
accomplished, insofar as possible, by temporary cord,
until the failures can be completely restored to normal
plug and jack patching arrangements at or through the
Technical  Control  Facility  using  installed  spare
equipments or channels to bypass the failed equip ment
composite signal transmission level test will be run in
3-19. Introduction
service. The total peak distortion test may be run in-
a. In order to meet the requirements of the DCA
service or out-of-service.
and provide effective service, the technical control
facility must be operated and maintained in peak
(2) Out-of-Service Quality Checks.  Out-of-
operating condition.
service checks require the release of the circuit by the
user. These checks verify the technical parameters of
b. In order to maintain the TCF in peak condition,
the circuit end-to-end. The procedures used to make
in-service quality checks, out-of-service quality checks,
out of service quality checks are the same as those
and communications equipment checks should be
used when DCA circuits are activated.
performed on a regularly scheduled basis.
(3) Communications  Equipment.
(1) In-Service Quality Checks.
control testing is require on all operational and spare
checks are made on all channels within the P&T.
communications equipment and should be conducted on
Measurements are made on a high impedance bridging
a regularly
basis that will not effect user service.
Only the

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