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Page Title: Final Reassembly
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Figure 4-4. Mechanism assembly, exploded view.
TM-11-5840-270-24-1 Indicator lD-48A/ARN Manual
TM 11-5840-270-24-1
c. Place gasket MP3 against window MP5 and
position mask MP4. Secure with four clips MP2
Terminals E1 through E8 are numbered
and four screws H4.
clockwise beginning with terminal adjacent
d. Screw lampholder A3XDS1 into bezel MP1
to notch in edge of plate MP16. Refer to
figure 4-5 and figure 4-4 when making
until approximately one thread protrudes through
front of bezel.
e. Secure lampholder A3XDS1 with two set-
b. Procedure.
(1) Connect components of compensating
screws H6.
networks to standoff insulators E1 through E8.
f. Insert lamp A3DS1 and install dimmer cap
g. Position gasket MP10 and secure case MP9 to
(2) Mount dial mounting posts H12 on plate
bezel MP1 with six screws H2 and two screws H3.
M16 and mount dial MP11 to posts with screws
H11. Use care to avoid bending flags or pointers.
4-13. Final Reassembly
(3) Secure each mechanism M1, M2, M3 and
t o plate MP16 using insulator MP15,
bushings H16, H20, H24 and H28, washers H15,
If a meter mechanism or part of a com-
H19, H23 and H27, washers H14, H18, H22, and
pensating network has been replaced,
H26, and screws H13, H17, H21, and H25 as
check the terminal resistance for 1000
shown in figure 4-4.
ohms before reassembling. If incorrect,
(4) Connect resistor R1 lead from each
change R1 on the network as required (fig.
compensating network to left external terminal of
adjacent mechanism.
a. Adjust the bracket on top of M4 so the slot in
(5) Refer to schematic, figure 4-5, and connect
the bracket is vertical.
wire leads from connector J1 to center terminal of
b. Adjust the bracket on top of M3 so the slot in
each mechanism. Observe correct wire color (eg:
the bracket is horizontal.
orange wire to Ml, etc.).
c. Turn the top adjusting screw on window MP5
(6) Position insulators MP18 and secure plate
so the pin on the rear of the screw is on a vertical
MP16 to housing  M P 1 4 with washers H31,
line with the center of the screw.
washers H30, and screws H29. Before tightening
d. Turn the side adjusting screw on window MP5
screws H29 align plate so that screws are ap-
so the pin on the rear of the screw is on a horizontal
proximately centered in slotted holes in plate.
line with the center of the screw.
Tighten screws H29.
e. Feed three leads from lampholder A3XDS1
(7) Thread wire leads through gasket MP12,
through notch in edge of plate MP16 and out
and solder leads to J1, Refer to schematic diagram,
through opening in rear of housing MP14.
f. Align holes in case with proper holes in MP14,
(8) Secure connector J1 to housing MP14 with
and without turning case, slide case straight over
four washers H8 and four screws H7.
mechanism assembly, using extreme care not to
(9) If required, adjust vertical and horizontal
damage the four mechanisms. Secure with four
pointer mechanisms, M4 and M3 respectively,
screws H1.
until pointers are centered over appropriate dots on
g. Turn the two screws on the window through
dial MP11, by turning the U-shaped bracket on top
360 degrees and observe that the two pointers are
of the two mechanisms.
adjusted,  assuring proper engagement.  Adjust
4-12. Reassembly of Case and Bezel Assembly
screws to align pointers with dots.
h. Position gasket MP13 and connect leads of
lampholder to pins of connector J2 in accordance
a. If window is being replaced in an old bezel,
clean the bezel assembly (with epoxy solvent)
with schematic, figure 4-5.
where the window will contact the bezel.
i. Secure gasket MP13 and connector J2 with
four washers H10 and four screws H9.
b. Place epoxy cement at four spots, equally
spaced, around the inside edge of the bezel opening
and press the new window in place.

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