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Page Title: Interbay Trunking Systems
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TM 11-5895-878-14&P
(3) Black vf (c below).
s. QA Test Center, Equipment Connection Panel.
Bay 1 of the QA Test Center (fig. 1-15) contains an in
(4) Red vf.
house uilt equipment connection panel (fig.  2-39).
(5) Red QA (d below).
The panel provides connection to equipments with out
b. Digital Interbay Trunking Systems.  The black
front panel connection.
Also, a single-pole-single-
and red systems use INT panels with 48 jacks and 48
through switch is provided to connect the HP-3490A
lamps (fig. 2-41). The panel has two rows of 24 jacks
multimeter to the IP-5050B digital recorder. In addition,
and two rows of 24 in-use lamps. The first 20 sets of
the switch may also be set to connect the HP-5245L
jacks and lamps in each row (1 through 20, and 25
electronic counter (FREQ COUNTER) to the HP-5050B
through 45) are connected in a parallel configuration at
digital recorder. All connectors on the panel are BNC
the IDF. That is, all No. 1 jacks are paralleled to each
type.  BNC to banana jack adapters are used on all
other, all No. 2 jacks are paralleled to each other etc.
connectors except the 601 BIT ERROR TEST SET
The in-use lamps (fig. 2-42) are wired to their associated
connector.  This connection requires an AMP, 25-pin
jacks so that when a patch cord plug is inserted into the
jack, all the same No. lamps in that system light. This
t. Miscellaneous  Patch  Panels  (fig.
indicates which interbay trunks are in use. The last four
Miscellaneous patch panels are located in the patch and
sets of jacks and lamps in each panel (21 through 24,
test facilities to provide the flexibility required for test
and  45  through  48)  are  provided  for  use  as
and monitoring operations.  The jacks are wired and
miscellaneous jacks.
cross-connected as desired by the site personnel.
c. VF Interbay Trunking Systems. The interbaying
Figure 2-40 provides a typical function arrangement for
capability in the VF area is provided by the interbay
a miscellaneous. panel with 10 lamps in a TCF. Figure
patch panels which are mounted in the bottom of every
2-46  provides  the  panel  schematic  and  block
VF patch and test bay. The panel has two rows of 24
terminations. The panel provides such desirable jack
jacks per row for a total of 48 interbay trunk
arrangements and functions as 600 Ohms load, parallel
appearances per bay. The front view of the panel
jacks, line reversing (top-to-ring, ring-to-tip), and test
resembles that shown in figure 2-40; however, there are
equipment connections.
no lamps in the panel. The schematic is that shown in
u. Interbay Patch Panels. Each patch and test bay
figure 2-43. Terminal blocks C1 and C2 of each panel
contains an INT Panel.  Interbay trunks are used to
are cabled to the IDF where the panels are cross-
route circuits to other patch bays in the station. The
connected to form a "series" interbay trunking system.
various types of INT patch panels in the P&T are
The cross-connecting is done such that each circuit is
discussed in paragraph 2-17.
private.  That is one jack in a bay is only cross-
connected to one jack in the other bay. The first three
2-17. Interbay Trunking Systems
sets of jacks in bays 1.2 through 1.7 in the black system
are labeled 1.1. Bay 1.1 is an IDF and does not have an
a. General.  The P&T has five different interbay
INT panel.  These six jacks in each bay are cross-
trunking systems. The systems are designed to allow
connected to the black INT panel in bay 3 of the QA
sufficient trunking of circuits from one patch or test bay
Test Center (fig. 1-15). The red vf system consists of
in a system to other bays in that system. The trunking
two INT panels, bays 2.19 and 2.20 (fig. 1-14).
systems are not interconnected and come together only
at the intermittent test stations. The systems are listed
(1) Black digital (b below).
(2) Red digital.

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