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TM 11-5895-878-14&P
of 80 or 128 characters.
scale at any frequency between 5 Hz and 600 KHz.
Harmonics are indicated up to 3 MHz.
Noise is
(2) Signal Distortion Analyzer TS-28621GGM-
measured as low as 50 microvolts and voltages may be
15(V). This unit performs three major functions:
measured up to 3MH: with 300/-V to 300 full scale.
Distortion analysis, distortion monitoring,
q. Wave Analyzer HP-302A.  The Model 302A
and error rate determination.
Wave Analyzer separates a complex input signal into
(3) Oscilloscope OS-20/GGM-15(V).
individual frequency components such as harmonic,
unit is used to display the signal under analysis.
k. Phase Jitter Meter, Model 48 (fig. 1-15). The
components. By tuning the 302A across the spectrum,
model 48 phase jitter meter measures the following:
the components can be individually measured and
(1) Peak to peak phase jitter.
evaluated. Frequency is read in Hz from the dial, and
(2) Phase, amplitude, coincident hits and
amplitude is read in volts, percent or dB from the meter.
The  302A  is  also  an  oscillator-tune  voltmeter
(3) Meters  input/output  levels  and  input
combination.  This feature is particularly useful for
measuring  input-output  characteristics  of  filters,
amplifiers, and active devices.  The oscillator output
(4) External  jitter,  frequency  offset,  and
(BFO) and the analyzer's input tuning track together
totalizer outputs.
over the entire range of 20 Hz and 50 kHz and is
I. Impulse Noise Counter.  The impulse noise
controlled by the tuning dial. Because one control tunes
counter is a Northeast Electronics Corporation Model
both the oscillator output and the analyzer input
simultaneously, on-estep response measurements are
The unit counts the number of impulses
made simply, quickly and conveniently. And, since the
exceeding three different selected levels for a selected
analyzer has a very narrow bandpass, any signal
length of time. The unit provides three indications, each
distortion has negligible effect on the meter reading,
giving the number of times an impulse exceeds the
making measurements highly accurate even at very low
associated adjusted level.
m. Dual-Channel Recorder, HP-7702B and 7034A.
r. Multimeter  HP-3490A.
The  HP-3490A
The recorders are used for simultaneous recording of
Multimeter is a five-digit integrating digital voltmeter.
two related variables when the variables are to be
The basic instrument measures dc voltages, ac
analyzed with respect to each other and with respect to
voltages, and resistances.  Additional measurement
time, and when any variable needs to be permanently
capability is achieved by the addition of low cost
options. The HP-3490A uses a C dual slope integrating
n. Digital Recorder HP-5050B. The digital recorder
technique and is fully guarded, providing excellent noise
provides a versatile method for recording time with 0.1
immunity at five readings per second on all dc ranges.
second resolution along with other data measurements
Ranging is automatic over all ranges on all functions.
being recorded by a printer.  In addition the recorder
DC measurements can be made with 1 V of ac voltage
serves as an automatic measuring-recording system
resolution. Ohms measurements can be made, utilizing
programmer by allowing printing at preselected time
the four-wire conversion technique which eliminates
errors due to test lead resistances. Six ranges of ohms,
o. Vector Impedance Meter, HP-4800A. The HP-
including a 10,000 Kohm range, are provided.  All
4800A is used to make fast measurements of
functions and ranges include 20% overranging except
impedance to 10 megohms and phase to 90  The
the 1000 V range.
measurement can be made at a particular frequency or
over a continuous range from 5Hz to 50kHz.
p. Distortion Analyzer HP-334A.  The HP-334A
measures total distortion down to 0.1 percent of full

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