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T.O. 10M1-8-4-4 AIR FORCE
TM 11-5895-1044-24P  ARMY
TM SL-4-08419A
1-25.  QUANTITY PER END ITEM. The quantity shown in this column is the total quantity required per end item. When
more than one model, type, or configuration of the end item is covered in the Illustrated Parts Breakdown, and the total
quantity for a part differs, the largest quantity for any one end item is shown.
1-26.  USMC UNIQUE SMR CODES. This column lists only USMC SMR codes that differ from the SMR codes shown in
the Maintenance Parts List.
1-27.  USMC SPECIAL STOCK INDICATOR (SSI) CODE. This column lists the conditions for stocking unique
maintenance parts [those assigned NSNs and coded in the P series (source) of the SMR code]. The SSI codes are as
a. No code-Indicates that the part may or may not be authorized in initial allowances to using or supporting
organizations. The initial allowance is explained in the Replacement (REPL) Factor description which follows;
b. I Applied to maintenance parts for which predicted consumption would not warrant inclusion in mount-out but,
for which a quantity of 1 is authorized as insurance for mount-out using a 360-day criteria based on the total density of
equipment employed by the DIV/WING team. Mount allowances, so authorized, will be stocked by the FSR or MWSG for
Marine wing peculiar equipment, as applicable.
c. D-Applied to maintenance parts that are not considered critical or essential stockage; therefore, they are not
authorized in initial allowances. However, these items are stocked within the supply system and may be requisitioned when
d. T -Indicates that the part is authorized in garrison operating allowances to comply with state and local laws;
however, the part is not authorized in mount-out since it is not combat essential.
1-28.  USMC REPL FACTOR. This column lists the REPL factor assigned to each national stock numbered maintenance
repair part. The REPL factor is a decimal number which indicates the average rate at which the type of part so coded has
been used by Marine Corps field units, or the rate at which design engineers anticipate the part will fail, wear out, or
otherwise require replacement. All computations are based on a replacement period of 1 year.
a. Initial authorized stockage levels of consumable and salvageable parts for an organization are to be computed
for predicted consumption based on the number of parts employed and/or supported by an organization within the number
of days for which stockage is authorized. In computing garrison operating stock or mount-out, authorized levels can be
determined by the requiring Marine Corps unit by multiplying the REPL factor times the quantity used per equipment, times
the number of end items employed by the using organization or supported by the service organization, times the
authorized day level expressed in months and divided by 12. Specific formulas and examples are provided in Marine
Corps Order (MCO) P4400.79. The REPL factors used in initial stockage computations should be revised, if warranted,
after significant use is experienced, in accordance with guidelines of MCO 4400.32A. Use the following formula for revising
the REPL factors based on actual use. W equals the revised REPL factor; X is the usage experience of I year; A is the
application per equipment; and B is the number of equipments supported.
W= X

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