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Page Title: Digital Line Interface Unit (DLIU)
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TM 11-5895-1012-10
the coordination of test fault isolation, or operational
test set is used to measure signal levels, noise level and
activities. Inputs to the monitor page printers are
volume units (VU). The test set usually has a number
usually in the neutral mode. The output of the trans-
filters for the inputs.
mitting keyboard consists of dry contacts. The loop
Balance Test Set. The terminal balance
into which this output is inserted requires the applica-
test set when provided* allows for connecting and
tion of operating battery from an external source. The
switching instruments required for each test without
printers and keyboards may be used in circuit operat-
changing patch cords to the circuits to be tested.
ing at 60, 75, or 100 words per minute when appropri-
h. Wave Analyzer Test Set. The wave analyzer test
ate speed change gears are used. A monitor teleprinter
set provides amplitude and frequency information
converter panel is usually provided which will allow
over a given band of frequencies. The test set can
the monitor teleprinter to be used without interupt-
separate frequency components of an input signal by
ing the circuit being tested. The converter permits the
means of selectable bandwidths and tuning controls.
insertion of the page printer into dc monitor jacks by
i. Patter Generator. The pattern generator is used
converting low level voltage variations into current
to generate a wide variety of telegraph teat signal pat-
impulses needed to drive the page printer.
terns having predetermined and controllable charac-
p. Dual Meter Panels. The meter panel usually con-
teristics and parameters. The unit is used in conjunc-
tains a high impedance voltmeter and low impedance
tion with data measuring equipment to test and evalu-
milliammeter. The milliammeter is used to measure
ate the performance of data/TTY systems or equip
the telegraph loop current (high level). Loop current is
measured by patching the meter input into a LINE
j. Singing Point Test Set. The singing point test set
MON or EQUIP MON jack at the equal level dc patch
measures the singing margin of 4-wire transmission
circuits using hybrid terminations by inserting a varia-
q. Low Led Meters. These meters, mounted over
ble, but known, gain into the circuit until oscillation
various dc patch bays, provide a low level voltage read-
occurs. The test set may also be used as a variable gain
ing when patched into the monitor jack of a dc circuit
amplifier with a maximum undistorted output of
usually 0 dBm at 600 ohms.
via the miscellaneous patch panel. The meters usually
k. Impulse Noise Counter. The impulse noise count-
have a zero center scale, with 15 vdc full deflection.
r. Reference Tone Generator. The reference
er counts the number of impulses exceeding a number
of different selected levels for a selected length of
generator provides 0, - 10, -8.7, and - 12.7 dBm
time. The unit provides a readout for each selected lev-
tone levels (or others depending upon the man
turer) to the patch and test bays. These test tone levels
el, each giving the number of times an impulse exceeds
make jack appearances on the miscellaneous patch
the associated adjusted level.
panels and then distributed to each patch and test bay.
l. Phase Jitter Measuring Set. The phase jitter
measuring set measures the peak to peak phase jitter
2-39. Digital
Line Interface Unit (DLIU)
m. Transmission Delay
The digital line interface unit is a solid state plug-in
transmission delay measuring test
printed circuit module for use as a line isolator and
transmitter and a receiver which is used to measure
level converter generally located between the primary
signal delay and amplitude versus frequency.
dc and equal level dc patch bays. It accepts a high
n. Data Analysis. Data analysis test sets provide the
level, neutral or polar, or low level signal and converts
capability for comprehensive analysis and generation
it to low level, polar and vice versa. The unit usually
data, start, stop data, and
te with either synchronous or start-stop data
up to 2400 baud. Automatic adjustable loop
nitor teleprinters are
current regulation for high level output lines is pro-
used to monitor teleprinter traffic in dc telegraph
vided as well as no transition/open loop detection and
loops. A transmitting keyboard is usually included
alarm, build-in loop battery fusing, and output moni-
which, in conjunction with one of the page printers
tor jack and self contained power supply for inter-cir-
and utilizing a spare dc circuit, may be used in com-
cuit operation.
municating between Technical Control Facilities for

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