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Page Title: Distribution Frames
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TM 11-5895-1012-10
and type of orderwire circuits required at TCF's vary
made to provide transmission security. The criteria are
from site to site as dictated by station size, mission,
based on the concept of separation of red and black cir-
and location.
cuitry within the TCF and the DCS Station. In order to
accomplish this separation, there are two separate
2-21. Station
distribution frames provided. One to carry the red cir-
a. Types. Different types of cabling are necessary
cuits and the other to carry the black circuits.
for interconnection of the various equipment and key-
(1) Red Frame. The red frame is used to make
ing lines with the Primary and Equal Patch Bays
crossconnections between red circuits, patch panels,
as well as the transmission media equipment and sub-
and equipment, Red circuits are those circuits which
carry or are cleared to carry, clear text, classified
(1) Voice frequency lines generally use appropri-
traffic. The red frame has a horizontal aide and a
ate sizes of shielded, single pair wires.
vertical side like any other combined distribution
(2) Direct current keying lines use individually
frame. Termination blocks are mounted on both tides
shielded pairs.
of the red frame. The vertical side is used to terminate
(3) Standard power cables are used to distribute
equipment, such as relay center equipment (send and
primary power to equipment
receive); the clear side of the COMSEC devices (send
(4) Coax and twinax are used for high speed data
and receive); the red side of battery isolation relays
(send and receive); and for red circuit control, switch-
b. Routing. Cables are usually installed in one or a
ing, or monitoring devices. The horizontal side is used
combination of the following four methods; overhead
to terminate the red patch panels and the positive and
inclosed ducts, overhead open racks, cellular flooring,
negative rectifiers used to furnish battery. If any
traffic-carrying circuits which are approved for
and floor trenches.
c. Shielding. Prevention of mutual interference be-
handling clear text classified traffic without COMSEC
devices are in use, the lines will be connected to the
tween circuits that carry dc keying signals and circuits
vertical side of the red frame. The cables which are
that carry vf signals is accomplished by shielding the
dc keying circuits. Whenever feasible, separate racks
used to connect the items listed above to the red frame
or ducts should be used for each type of circuit.
are permanently connected to the left side of the ver-
tical blocks and to the bottom side of the horizontal
2-22. Distribution Frames
blocks. Cross-connections are made as required to con-
a. All in-station lines, equipment and channels, plus
nect battery, equipment, patch panel jack appear-
ances, and COMSEC devices together to form a circuit.
external cable pairs, terminate on a distribution
(2) Black Frame. The black frame is used to make
frame. A main distribution frame is used for terminat-
cross-connections between black circuits, patch panels,
ing outside lines and an intermediate distribution
lines and equipment. Black circuits are those circuits
frame is used to terminate in-station lines. However,
which carry encrypted traffic or unclassified, clear
in the interest of simplification and conservation of
text traffic. The black frame is the same configuration
apace it is common practice to use a combined distri-
as the red frame, having a horizontal side and a verti-
bution frame within the Technical Control Facility.
cd side. The horizontal side is used to terminate the
The distribution frame is made up of vertical and
audio and dc patch panels of the TCF and the positive
horizontal terminating blocks. The vertical blocks,
and negative battery supplies. The vertical side is used
used for terminating outside lines, are provided with
to terminate the following items: all landlines, both
protective devices to shield the cables and associated
audio and dc; the black or encrypted side of COMSEC
equipment from high voltages surges. The horizontal
devices; the black side of battery isolation relays; and
blocks are used to terminate the in-station cabling.
any black circuit control, switching, or monitoring de-
Cross connections are made on the distribution frame
vices used in the TCF. The various items are cross-con-
to obtain the desired circuitry.
nected as required to form the desired circuitry.
b. Jack appearances, in the Primary and Equal
Level Patch Rays, are terminated on the combined
2-23. Power Facilities
distribution frame as are the equipment associated
a. General. Each Technical Controller must be
with collocated facilities.
aware of power facilities used to provide primary and
c. Temporary arrangements of circuits and equip-
auxiliary, and emergency lighting power at the DCS
ment can be provided in the patch bays with the use of
Station. A detailed discussion of power facilities and
patch cords. However, all permanent changes should
equipment is given in paragraphs 2-24 through 2-28.
be made on the combined distribution frame in order
b. Primary Power. The term primary power is used
to minimize the requirements for patch cords in use at
at DCS Stations to denote the primary ac power source
any time in the Technical Control Facility.
to the DCS Station under normal operating conditions.
d. All cable runs and equipment connections are

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