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Page Title: Part II: Results of Surveillance Test.
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SB 740-95-20
(a)  Block 1.  Enter the actual storage location,
Number of Defects
which may not necessarily be the depot or storage
activity having accountability.
(b)  Block 2. Enter the local report number.
(t)  Block 20. Note any observation relevant to the
(c)  Block 3. Enter the date of the report.
(d)  Block 4.
condition of an item or to the actual inspection in this
Enter the complete standard
block.  Examples of such observations are: different
nomenclature and model number of the item.
storage conditions of lot segments, unlisted defects,
(e)  Block 5. Record the complete manufacturer's
inspection equipment not available or calibration interval
lot number.  When surveillance is authorized on the
exceeded, and severity of defects listed in block 19.
basis of a depot lot, miscellaneous lot, or grand lot, enter
Include a brief lot history when possible.
the lot number applicable to the type of lot, and complete
(u)  Block 21a. Self-explanatory.
DA Form 985 (Data Sheet for Grand Lots, Miscellaneous
(v)  Block 21b.  Based on the results of visual
Lots, or Depot Lots) using the instructions in paragraph
examinations (Part I, Block 19) enter the condition code
(f)  Block 6. Describe the packing of the items in
(w) Block 21c. Based on the test results (Part II,
narrative form.
(g)  Block 7.  Enter the National Stock Number
Block 13) enter the condition code see para 2-7e).
(x)  Block 22. Self-explanatory.
(NSN) of the item.
Part II: Results of Surveillance Test.
(h)  Block 8. Enter the current and past type of
(a)  Block 1. Self-explanatory.
storage, e.g., heated warehouse, unheated warehouse,
(b)  Block 2, 2a, and 2b. Enter this bulletin number
shed, open, etc.
(I)  Block 9.  Record the number of samples
(SB 740-95-20), revision, or change, and the date of this
selected for examination and test.
bulletin, revision, or change. When applicable, enter the
(j)  Block 10. Record the number of items (minus
letter of authority or directive for any performed special
surveillance not in accord with this bulletin.
the sample size if the samples cannot be returned to the
(c)  Blocks 3, 4, 5, and 6. Enter the meteorological
lot) remaining in the lot at the depot.
(k)  Block 11. Self-explanatory.
conditions at the test area if they are relevant to the test.
(l)  Block 12. Self-explanatory.
Otherwise enter N.A.
(d)  Blocks 7 and 8.  Consecutively number the
(m) Block 13. Enter the type and date of the last
outer packages from which the samples were selected,
inspection, e.g., Prestorage, 10 July 1981.
and the individual samples, starting with "1".  Record
(n)  Block 14. Enter the type of inspection and the
these numbers in blocks 7 and 8.
date that this current inspection is performed, e.g.,
(e)  Blocks 9a and 9b. Enter the type and model of
Cyclical, 1 July 1982.
the component or item in the heading of each column
(o)  Block 15.
Record the manufacturer or
and enter the lot number of each sample on the
reconditioning agency and the date of manufacture.
appropriate line.
When more than one manufacturer is represented
(f)  Block 10.  In the heading of each column,
because of the nature of the lot enter N.A.
describe the test characteristic to be tabulated. Indicate
(p)  Block 16. Self-explanatory.
attribute deficiencies with "x" at the intersection of the
(q)  Block 17. Self-explanatory.
individual sample number and the test characteristic, or
(r)  Block 18.
Record the condition of the
enter the actual test result.
packaging, packing, marking, and preservation.
(g)  Blocks 11 and 12. In the space above blocks
(s)  Block 19.  State whether the lot passed or
11 and 12 indicate whether the evaluation is based on
failed the visual examination requirements of this supply
"defects" or "defectives" by crossing out the one that
bulletin.  Record by Quality Defect Code, Category,
does not apply. Enter an "x" at the intersection of the
Defect Number, and number of Defects or Defectives, all
applicable defective column sample number when
applicable visual defects or defectives. (Quality Defect
deficiencies have been noted in block 10 and evaluation
Codes shall be as given in appendix A. Categories and
is based on defectives. Enter the total number of defects
Defect Numbers shall be as given for a defect listed in
observed for each sample in the appropriate columns
the various classification paragraphs of the applicable
when the evaluation is based on defects.
appendix.) Reference this bulletin, appendix A, the
(h)  Block 13.  State whether the lot passed or
applicable appendix, and the table number for the item.
failed the test requirements established in the
Example: SB 740-95-20
Number of Defects

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