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Part II: Results of Surveillance Test. - SB-740-95-200014
SB-740-95-20 Shelf-Life Items Manual
Special Instructions.  
SB 740-95-20
(4) Critical defects report. When a critical defect is
applicable appendix.  Enter any additional information
that might have had an effect on test results. Enter any
found, report it immediately to the Commander, US Army
recommendations on lot disposal, e.g., screen or
Armament, Munitions and Chemical Command, ATTN:
DRSMC-QAE-B(R), Rock Island, IL 61299. Report the
(I)  Block 14. Self-explanatory.
incident via teletype or telephone and follow the initial
(j)  Block 15. Not applicable.
report with a DA Form 984 giving complete information
(2) Data sheet for Grand Lots, Miscellaneous Lots,
concerning the extent of, and the circumstances
pertaining to, the critical defect.
or Depot Lots, (DA Form 985, 1 Jul 53). This form shall
b. Errors in Reports.
be used by the depot or storage activity to record the
(1)  Only errors that affect the serviceability status
formation of these lots.
of the materiel evaluated need be corrected.  Make
Form Instructions  
corrections by replacing those specific pages affected by
(a)  Block 1.
Enter the complete standard
the error with "Corrected Copies."
nomenclature and model number of the item. Enter the
(2)  The  inspection  activity that  initiated  the
National Stock Number (NSN).
erroneous report shall prepare and distribute the
(b)  Block 2. Enter the depot or storage activity
corrected pages required by (1) above. Each such page
where the items that make up the lot are stored.
shall be marked "Corrected Copy." Denote the corrected
(c)  Block 3. Enter the type of storage.
entries by circling them.
(d)  Block 4. State the previous serviceability of
c.  Classified Data. Unless specifically authorized
each lot composing the grand lot, miscellaneous lot, or
by the US Army Armament, Munitions and Chemical
depot lot.
Command,  Security  Office,  place  no  classified
(e)  Block 5.  Enter the method of packing and
information on the materiel serviceability reports. Use
special codes as much as possible in preparing the
(f)  Block 6. Not applicable.
documents when materiel or information is classified. If
(g)  Column a.
Enter the manufacturer or
classified information is required place it on a separate
manufacturers of the individual lots forming the grand lot,
sheet, not the materiel serviceability report form.
miscellaneous lot, or depot lot.
Properly mark this sheet and transmit it by authorized
(h)  Column b.
Enter the manufacturer's lot
means according to its degree of classification. Attention
number for each of the individual lots.
is directed to AR 380-5 which states that unnecessary
(I)  Column c. Enter the date of manufacture of
classification or higher than necessary classification is to
each lot.
be avoided.
(j)  Column d. Enter the lot size for the individual
d.  Submission of Reports. With the exception of
lots listed in column b.  Total the column values and
reports used for "Special Inspection", submit the original
enter the sum in the total block at the foot of the column.
and two copies of all reports required by this bulletin to
(k)  Column e.  Record the number of samples
the Commander, US Army Armament, Munitions and
selected for test from each lot listed in column b. Total
Chemical Command, ATTN: DRSMC-QAE-B (R), Rock
the column values and enter the sum in the total block at
Island, IL 61299.
the foot of the column.
(l)  Column f.  Record the number of samples
Special Instructions.  a.  Special Testing.
selected for visual examination from each lot listed in
Some tests included in this bulletin or reference herein
column b. Total the column values and enter the sum in
may require the use of special test equipment, or special
the total block at the foot of the column.
test facilities. The items requiring this type of testing are
(m) Columns g. h, and i. Not applicable.
identified in the appropriate appendix. Items so identified
(n)  Remarks.  Enter any pertinent information
may be tested at the US Army Armament, Munitions and
regarding formation of the lot or sampling procedure.
Chemical Command, Product Assurance Directorate,
(o)  Supplementing serviceability report number.
ATTN: DRSMC-QAO-P (A), Aberdeen Proving Ground,
Enter the same report number here that is on DA Form
MD 21010, Pine Bluff Arsenal, Product Assurance
Directorate, ATTN: SMCPB-QAL, Pine Bluff, AR 71611
(p)  Other blocks. Self-explanatory.
or other approved testing facility. Have the shipment of
(3)  Quality Deficiency Report (QDR) (SF 368).
test samples coordinated and directed by the National
Submit this form when initial receipt inspection reveals
Inventory Control Point (NICP),
unsatisfactory new materiel from a manufacturer or
unsatisfactorily renovated, repaired, or modified materiel
from a contractor.  Prepare and distribute SF 368 as
specified in AR 702-7.

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