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TM-11-5895-1146-24P Disk Memory Unit Type MU-695/TYQ CDC Part Number 14396700-05 Texas Instruments Part Number 2080157-1 Manual
Table 1-1. FSCM Code-to-Name List
T.O. 31 S5-4-898-4
TM 11-5895-1146-24P
TM SL-4-08049A
SCOPE. This illustrated parts breakdown (IPB) lists and illustrates the parts for the MU-695/TYQ Disk Memory
Unit, which is manufactured by the Aerospace Division of Control Data Corporation, Minneapolis, Minnesota, in
accordance with contract number F19628-77-C-0185. The IPB is used for requisitioning, storing, issuing, and identifying
parts, and for illustrating assembly and disassembly relationships. At the end of this section is an illustration showing how
to use the illustrated parts breakdown.
RELATED PUBLICATIONS.  The following Navy manual contains information for equipment similar to that
covered by this illustrated parts breakdown.
SE600-AA-MMM-0 1 0/AN/UYH-3(V)
SECTION I - INTRODUCTION. The introduction defines the IPB and explains how to use it.
SECTION II - MAINTENANCE PARTS LIST (MPL). The MPL lists and illustrates all repairable and replaceable
assemblies installed at the time the disk memory units were manufactured. When an assembly or part (including vendor
items), which is different from the original assembly or part, is installed during the manufacture of later disk memory unit
configurations, that part is listed and coded (refer to Usable On Code description). When the original assembly or part
does not have continued application (no spares of the original were procured, or such spares are no longer authorized for
replacement), only the preferred assembly or part is listed. Also, when an assembly or part is installed during modification,
and the original does not have continued application, only the preferred item is listed. Interchangeable and substitute
assemblies and parts, subsequently authorized by the Government, are not listed in this manual. Such items (if any) are
identified by information available through the interchangeable and substitute (I&S) data systems (refer to T.O. 00-25-
184). Bulk and consumable items such as wire, insulating sleeving, and solder are not listed.
a.  FIGURE & INDEX NUMBER Column. This column lists the numerically assigned figure number for each
illustration. On each figure, numerically arranged index numbers are assigned to aid in locating a part in the MPL and on
the associated illustration. Whenever possible, each figure is indexed in the order of disassembly. Included are attaching
parts (AP) which immediately follow the parts they attach. Sheet numbers for figures which are illustrated on two or more
sheets are formatted differently than those figures which are illustrated on one sheet. For example, 1/2-72 indicates that
the part indexed 72 is illustrated on sheet 2 of figure 1. If figure 1 was on one sheet, the entry would be 1-72. When all of
the pieces of an assembly are repairable or replaceable, the assembly is not assigned an index number.
b.  PART NUMBER Column. This column lists the manufacturer's part numbers, and includes Government
standard parts; for example, AF, AN, MS, JAN, MIL, and USN. Parts which are used exactly as purchased; that is, in a
condition ready for installation, are listed by the manufacturer's part number, with the Control Data specification control
drawing number parenthetically following the nomenclature in the DESCRIPTION column. If *SELECT appears in the
PART NUMBER column, refer to table 2-1 for items selected during depot repair.
c.  FSCM Column. The FSCM (federal supply code for manufacturers) column lists the five-digit vendor codes
for manufacturers and Government agencies. These vendor codes are found in cataloging handbooks H4-1, H4-2, and
H4-3, Federal Supply Code for Manufacturers. The FSCM code-to-name list (table 1-1) is in numerical sequence; the
FSCM name-to-code list (table 1-2) is in alphabetical sequence.
d.  DESCRIPTION Column. This column contains the nomenclature for all Control Data or vendor piece parts
and assemblies. Following the nomenclature is a Control Data specification control drawing number (when a vendor part
number is listed in the PART NUMBER column). Indentation indicates the relationship of a part to the next higher
assembly. For example, a part shown in column 3 is part of the preceding next higher assembly shown in column 2
(excluding attaching parts for the next higher assembly). Attaching parts (AP) are listed immediately beneath the item to
be attached at the same indentation level, and precede any detail parts of that item.
e.  UNITS PER ASSY Column. The quantity listed in the UNITS PER ASSY column is the total quantity used at
the indicated location. For piece parts indented and listed under assemblies, the quantities listed are those used per
assembly and do not necessarily reflect the total used per equipment. For attaching parts, the quantities listed are those
required to attach one unit or assembly. If REF is shown in the UNITS PER ASSY column, refer to the figure indicated in
the DESCRIPTION COLUMN. If AR (as required) is shown in the UNITS PER ASSY column. the quantity is indefinite.

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