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Page Title: Figure 4-13. Sample number of outages trend analysis chart
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TM 11-5895-1012-10
Figure 4-13. Sample number of outages trend analysis chart.
4-53. Improper Termination of Circuits
tolerance, and coordination with commercial carriers
when leased circuits are out of tolerance.
Circuits improperly terminated and user terminals
b. The teat equipment on site is the responsibility of
modified without appropriate Technical Service Order
the Military Department operating the DCS Station.
action will be denied access to the DCS, in accordance
with the procedures in paragraph 4-52. Access will be
When an item of test equipment is inoperative or
turned in for recalibration, and a like piece of equip
denied the violating user until the terminations are in
accordance with the TSO. It is the responsibility of the
ment is not available, the test equipment should he de-
user to provide proper interface or terminations for
clared "mission essential" and an attempt made to
obtain a replacement so that fault isolation, quality
circuits entering the DCS.
control testing, and performance monitoring functions
4-54. Quality Control and Performance
are not impaired.
Monitoring Management
c. The DCS Station will prepare quality control and
monitoring is the
performance monitoring checklists that enable any
responsibility of each technical controller within the
technical controller to test any equipment, circuit, or
. The technical control shift supervisor is responsi-
system within the facility.
ble for ensuring that scheduled testing is performed.
4-55. Quality Control Tests
The shift supervisor will advise the technical control
chief of any problem areas, and of any circuits of sys-
Typical Quality Control Test procedures, with test set-
up diagrams are contained in chapter 6. The test
procedures are general in nature and do not specify
test equipment by commercial type number of military
nomenclature. Test equipment is referred to in a
generic sense, i.e., level meter, signal source
(generator), phase jitter meter, etc. Substitution of the
specific item of test equipment on site, should
any technical controller to perform the specified Qual-
ity Control tests.

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