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Page Title: Conduct of Tests
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DCS Technical Schedules
TM-11-5895-1012-10 Technical Control Facility (General) Manual
Quality Control of Government-owned Circuits
TM 11-5895-1012-10
the DCA activity that issued the TSO and the cogni-
cuitry will operate without error if the input distortion
zant DCA region.
is less than the following:
(2) When an exception report must be submitted,
(1) Total peak distortion: 49 percent.
the CCO will include in the message, as a part of the
(2) Bias distortion: 49 percent.
statement of the problem, an extract of the appropri-
(3) End distortion: 24.5 percent.
ate portion of the Circuit Parameter Test Report.
q. Link Encryption Equipment. Link encryption
These extracts will include identification of the test
equipment will accept distortion (all types) up to 49
that failed to meet specifications, specific measure-
percent and provide an output signal with not more
ments obtained and comments, e.g., change in audio
than one percent distortion.
frequency + 20 Hz, measurement made at station
4-43. Conduct of Tests
Alpha from station Bravo (include further comments
on nature of trouble and estimated time to repair).
The Circuit Control Office designated in the TSO is re-
b. When it is determined as a result of out-of-service
sponsible for circuit activation, to include the schedul-
Quality Control testing that circuit or equipment
ing, supervising, and reporting of circuit tests. The
parameters cannot be brought within test and ac-
CCO will ensure that each segment of the circuit is
ceptance specifications, the CCO or affected Technical
properly aligned and tested against the applicable
Control Facility will forward the following informa-
standards prior to conducting end-to-end testing.
tion to appropriate DCA and operation and main-
Intermediate TCF's on the circuit path will be
tenance elements. DCA, in cooperation with lateral
responsive to directions issued by the CCO.
O&M elements, will ensure that required technical
a. End-to-end testing, as used in this technical
assistance is provided to return the circuit or equip-
manual refer to the point nearest the user terminals at
ment test and acceptance specifications.
each end of the circuit where the capability exists to
(1) Identification of circuit or equipment.
performance required testing. In many cases, this will be
(2) Test and acceptance measurements for those
the serving TCF or PTF. In some cases, end-to-end
parameters failing to meet specifications.
testing may be performed at the user terminal. Tech-
(3) Out-of-service Quality Control test measure
nical Control Facilities will determine the point at
which required end-to-end test measurements are
ments for those parameters failing to meet specifica-
made for each circuit. When tail segments between the
TCF and the user cannot be readily tested on a sched-
(4) Remarks.
uled basis, arrangements will be made to test the user
4-45. Recording Test Results
loop from the TCF to determine loop characteristics.
Data obtained from this test will be retained in the
a. DD Form 1697 (Circuit Parameter Test Report)
TCF for reference during subsequent Quality Control
will be used to record the results of testing performed
testing or troubleshooting.
for initial acceptance of service and for each re-
b. Leased circuits are considered to be one segment,
configuration of the circuit. A copy of this test report
regardless of the number of breakout points in the cir-
will be filed with the corresponding TSO at the
cuit. Common carriers are responsible for providing re-
cognizant DCA region or area and maintained in the
quired signals at the point where government and
Technical Control Facility files. DD Form 1697 may be
commercial facilities interface.
overprinted as required by DCS operating elements.
b. DD Form 1697 will not be forwarded to DCA or
4-44. Test Reporting
operation and maintenance elements when scheduled
a. The CCO will submit an In-Effect Report or
or unscheduled quality control testing is performed
Exception Report as specified in established
unless tasked to do so for specific circuits and for
procedures. The following instructions pertain to sub
specific periods of time. However, a record of quality
mission of the reports:
control tests and test results will be maintained in the
(1) Subsequent to submitting an In-Effect Report,
Technical Control Facility files. Local forms may be
the Circuit Parameter Test Report, DD Form 1697 will
used provided they contain all information required
be forwarded in accordance with existing directives to
for DD Form 1697.
4-46. Introduction
by detecting and correcting adverse trends before the
a. Effective worldwide service to all users of the
user service is affected.
DCS requires each segment of the system to be op-
b. Quality control is that function by which per-
erated and maintained at its specified operating level.
formance is measured and the results are then com-
The concept of quality control and performance
pared against established standards. Optimum
monitoring is to prevent interruption to user service
performance can be achieved and maintained by

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