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Page Title: Table 4-4. Commercial Technical Schedules
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Table 4-4. Commercial Technical Schedules
Note 1. Schedule 4A parameters are the same as C1 parameters
Note 2. Schedule 4B parameters are the same as C2 parameters
Note 3. Schedule 4C parameters are the same as C3 parameters
Nate 4. CCITT M.102 parameters are the same as C2 parameters, except that loss IS relative to 800 Hz instead of 1000 Hz
Note 5. DCS Technical schedules S1 and D1 compare to Commercial C2 Technical schedules for frequency response and envelope delay die
Note 6 DCS Technical schedule S3 compares to Commercial C5 Technical schedules for frequency response and envelope delay distortion
4-41. Test Descriptions
DCS facility using substandard equipment should
Each Test Description (TD) includes the test arrange-
determine the technical reasons why the equipment
ment, equipment configuration, and test procedure.
will not operate within established standards, and
With the exception of those parameters which are not
determine a standard which the equipment can con-
applicable to all types of channels, each analog
sistently meet. As a minimum, equipment will at least
parameter test description includes date for testing
meet the specifications contained in the technical or
the following types of channels: voice frequency chan-
manufacturer manual, where specified. Requests for
channels (0-50 kHz), 48 kHz channels
waivers from DCA performance standards will be sub
mitted through appropriate DCA regions to cognizant
DCA areas for approval, with an information copy to
appropriate O&M activities. Requests will contain the
technical justification for the waiver and the proposed
interim standard for the equipment. DCA areas will
review the technical data and proposed and where
4-42. Digital Distortion Standards
appropriate grant the waiver. If necessary, full resolu-
The digital distortion standards contained in this para-
tion of the waiver request will be carried to the Direc-
an extract from other publications. It is
tor, DCA.
that some equipment currently used in the
a. Application. These standards apply to out-of-
will nut operate within these standards. Each
service testing performed at the TCF patch bay. Tech

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