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Page Title: On-Call Patches
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TM 11-5895-1012-10
location. Technical control notices will contain a full
heduled TELECON's with the details
arrangements with ade-
circuit, conduct tests and
request is received without
advance notice, the contacted TCF will provide the
service as rapidly as possible.
d. If the user reports trouble, immediate action will
be taken to clear the trouble or provide an alternate
circuit within normal restoration priorities.
e. When notified by the user that the TELECON is
finished, the controller will initiate action to break
down the special arrangements used and return the
circuit to normal use.
4-9. On-Call Patches
On-call patches is in no way intended to substitute for
planning to meet known communications require-
ments. They will be activated for a period not to
exceed 72 hours. If the requirement is to exceed 72
hours, the requesting activity will be advised to submit
an emergency minor telecommunications requirement.
4-7. Orderwire Circuit Discipline
When a request for an on-call patch is received the fol-
lowing action will be taken by the technical controller
a. Determine and establish the route to be employed
and the equipment required to provide satisfactory
b. When the on-call patch cannot be established,
contact the appropriate DOCC for assistance in
accordance with established procedures.
c. Report all on-call patches in accordance with
established procedures.
d. Construct a temporary CCSD in accordance with
established procedures.
e. Deactivate the on-call patch when notified by the
user that it is no longer required. The technical con-
troller will coordinate with the next TCF through
which the circuit is patched to effect deactivation. All
TFC's will follow the same procedure until the circuit
is restored to normal. When the user will not release
an on-cdl patch after 72 hours and an emergency tele-
communication request has not been received, the
appropriate DOCC will be notified for permission to
break down the circuit.
4-8. TELECON Circuits
4-10. Scheduled Service Interruptions
Policy requires that the best possible communications
service be provided to users of the DCS commensurate
with available equipment and facilities. To provide
this service it may be necessary, at times, to remove
equipment from service or, in cases of major engineer-
ing changes, require the complete shutdown of a com-
munications facility. These outages, which will be held

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