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Page Title: Description of Quality Assurance
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TM 11-5895-1012-10
3-10. Description of Quality Assurance
Test Center
The QA test center consists of three bays located in the
Electronic maintenance room. The bays contain test
equipment and panels as shown in figure 3-4. The test
center is connected to red circuits in the TCF through
the RED REIAX 75 ohm INT TRUNK in bay 2. Black
TCF circuits are connected to the QA test center
through the black INT panel in bay 1.3.
3-11. Intermediate Distribution
a. General. There are four IDF's in the TCF area
They are an integral part of the Technical Control Fa-
cility and each equipment signaling input and output
connections are terminated at an IDF. In addition, the
input and output signals of each patch panel and cir-
cuit line are also terminated at an IDF. (Wide hand cir-
cuits are not connected through IDF's).
b. Description. Each IDF consists of a matrix made
up of rows of cross-connect panels. A panel contains
ten jack type patch modules (A through H, and J, and
K). Each module has six multi-colored rows of 26 jacks.
The color of the jack rows at the front of the modules,
from left to right are: red (A), white (B), blue (C), yel-
low (D), black (E), and orange (F). Each of the 156 jacks
is connected to a pin on one of three associated connec-
tors mounted on the rear of the panel. The first 48
jacks on the module are connected to pins 1 through 48
on connector J1. Module jacks 40 through 96 are con-
nected to pine 1 through 48 on connector J2. Module
jacks 97 through 144 are connected to pins 1 through
48 on connector J3. Module jacks 145 through 156 are
also connected to connector J1, J2 and J3. Four jacks
to each connector. The connectors are cabled to patch
3-12. Digital Circuits, General
TCF provides cross-connection. monitoring, testing,
circuit patching access, and timing clock for black and
red digital circuits. A typical black circuit is discussed
in paragraph 3-13. All digital circuits are connected
through a Universal Digital Patch Panel. The patch
panel and its different configurations are discussed in
Figure 3-3. Red vf test bay (typical), front view.
paragraphs 3-14 and 3-15.

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