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Page Title: Description of the TCF-CONT.
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TM 11-5895-1012-10
five receive patch panels.
Test Set TTS-26BDR is mounted in the bay below the
display unit. Bay 1.02 also contains six 2-wire audio
(4) Low Level Test Bay 2.12 and DC Orderwire
patch panels and a speaker panel. Bay 1.04 is the cable
Bay 2.13. Test bay 2.12 is shown with a digital
test bay, containing the No. 2 UTMS remote digital
multimeter and AN/GGM-15(V) Telegraph Test Set
display, a HP-180 AR/TDR
, a HP-4800
installed. (These equipments may be changed as re-
vector impedance meter, a speaker panel, and vf order-
quired). Below the test equipment area there is a 48
wire equipment. Bay 1.06 has the No. 3 UTMS remote
lamp INT panel, MISC panel, and a writing shelf. The
digital display at the top. This bay also contains six 2-
low level 6 volt power supplies, fuse panels and
wire audio patch pan&and a speaker panel. Bay 1.07
alarm panel are in the bay below the writing shelf. Bay
contains four 2-wire audio patch panels and a
2.13 is an AN/UGC-61X dc orderwire teletypewriter
SB-1642 top resistance panel. The portion above the
writing shelf of bay 1.08 is blank for future use as re-
h. Row 3 contains the following equipment:
quired. There is a SB-1642 loop resistance panel below
(1) Universal conditioning Equipment Bays. All
the writing shelf.
the bays in row 3 except bay 3.04, 3.08 and 3.09 are
(2) High Level DC Patch Bays 1.09 and 1.10. Each
universal conditioning equipment bays. Intermediate
of these bays contain a 48 lamp interbay panel, MISC
distribution frames (IDF) are mounted at the top of
panel, writing shelf, a loop resistance panel, and have
these bays. Below the IDF's are fuse-alarm panels.
ac power outlets at the bottom. Bay 1.09 also contains
Each bay contains ten universal conditioning equip
a dc meter panel and four dc patch panels. In addition
ment shelves, each shelf containing 12 module slots.
Bay 1.10 contains a digital multimeter, two dc patch
Conditioning equipment modules are inserted into the
panels and Telegraph Test Set AN/GGM-15(V).
shelves as required to build circuits through the tech-
(3) Fuse and Alarm Bay 1.11 and Orderwire Bay
nical control facility.
1.12. Ray contains two major/minor alarm panels, a
(2) DLIU Bays. Bays 3.08 and 3.09 contain the
major alarm panel, three SB-1523/FT fuse panels,
digital line interface units (DLIU). Each bay contains
10 shelves, each shelf capable of containing six
three loop resistance panels, and ac outlets at the bot-
tom of the bay. Bay 1.12 is an AN/UGC-61X dc order-
DLIU's. A fuse/alarm panel is mounted above the
wire teletypewriter set.
shelves with an IDF at the top of each bay.
g. Row 2 contains the following equipment:
(3) Non-Universal Bay 3.04. At the top of the bay
there is a UTMS remote digital display, a MISC panel
(1) Equal Level Patch Bays 2.01 Through 2.06.
and a 4-way-4-wire bridge shelf. A 25 Hz ringing sup
Each equal level patch bay contains space for eight 2-
ply system consisting of ballast lamp panel, 20 Hz
wire audio patch panels, INT panel, MISC panel, writ-
alarm and monitor panel, and two 25 Hz ring genera-
ing shelf, and a dual ac power outlet. Bays 2.02 and
2.06 have only six audio patch panels installed. Bay
tors are mounted in the center of the bay. At the bot-
tom of the bay there is a station reference tone source
2.04 is blank above and below the INT panel, MISC
(TTS-39A) and four distribution amplifier panels
panel, and writing shelf. Bays 2.02 and 2.05 each have
a remote digital display at the top of the bay and a
i. The combined distribution frame (CDF) in row 4
dual speaker panel below the writing shelves.
is constructed of open metal framework. One side of
(2) Quality Assurance Bays 2.07, 2.08 and 2.09.
the frame, known as the horizontal side, contains 30
These three bays each contain an INT panel, MISC
rows of 10 horizontal terminal blocks. The other side
panel, writing shelf, and dual ac power outlets. A base-
of the frame, known as the vertical side, contains 31
band monitor panel and two echo suppressor control
columns of 9 vertical blocks per column. The first
panels are mounted near the center of bay 2.07. The
seven columns contain 750 four wire, line protector
TTI-1140 Universal Transmission Measuring System
(UTMS) master unit and power supply, along with the
j . Row 5 contains the following equipment:
No. 7 remote digital display are mounted in bay 2.08.
(1) Mobile Test Buy 5.01. This bay is mounted on
The UTMS associated relay panel, and a dual speaker
dolly type wheels to allow it to be moved throughout
panel are in the bottom of bay 2.09. The remaining
the TCF as required. The bay contains a INT/MISC
space in the bays is provided for mounting test
panel, a storage drawer, and an ac power connector.
equipment. The test equipment may be rearranged or
The mobile bay provides rack space for the mounting
replaced as required by test requirements or change in
of such test equipment as a digital multimeter, trans-
the state of the art.
mission measuring set, envelope delay test set and X-Y
(3) Low Level DC Patch Bays 2.10 and 2.11. Each
patch bay has a low level voltmeter mounted above it
(2) Voice Frequency Carrier Telegraph Bays 5.02
and has a 48 lamp INT panel, a MISC panel and writ-
Through 5.05. Each of the four voice frequency carrier
ing shelf mounted below the jackfields. Bay 2.10 con-
telegraph (VFCT) bays is a Telegraph Terminal
tains five transmit patch panels and bay 2.11 contains

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