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Page Title: Section II. BERLIN
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TM 11-5895-1012-10
2A.11 contain a TTS-37BR noise
Termination Unit TA-930(V)/FSC is on the console.
additional monitor speaker panels, a
Behind the console is an AN/FGC-25XDC O/W termi-
oscilloscope and an AN/USM-181B test set.
nal and test station no 1.
e. Description of the VF CDF Row No. 3. The VF
(2) Intermediate Test Stations. The intermediate
CDF is constructed of open metal framework. One side
test station provides the capability of performing QA
of the frame, known as the horizontal side, contains 10
tests from locations remote to the patch and test facil-
rows of 56 horizontally oriented terminal blocks. The
ities. Each test bay contains three interbay panels, one
other side of the frame, know as the vertical side,
MISC function panel, an intercom speaker panel, and
contains 10 rows of 56 blocks oriented vertically. In
available rackspace for test equipment. Test station
columns 22 through 26 of the vertical side, the termi-
No. 2 contains a HP-302A wave analyzer.
nal blocks are replaced by cable protectors for the pur-
(3) Mobile Test Bays No. 1, 2, and 3 (not located).
pose of terminating outside cable.
The TCF has three mobile test bays. The bays provide
f. Description of Equipment Row No. 4. Bay 4.1
for the mounting of test equipment. Each
through 4.15 and 4.19 are the voice frequency univer-
test bay contains a MISC function panel and a writing
sal conditioning equipment bays. Each bay contains
shelf. Mobile test bay No. 1 contains a speaker panel,
ten shelves with each shelf capable of containing 12
intercom unit, a Computer Measurements Company
modules of vf line conditioning equipment. A fuse and
No. 800A, 802A, and 831B an AN/USM-181B test
alarm panel is mounted above the shelves with an
set, and an envelope delay distortion measuring set
intermediate distribution frame (IDF) located at the
(ACTION LAB INC). Mobile test bay No. 2 contains a
top of each bay for the purpose of easy cross-connect-
Tektronix R561B and extra module rack, an HP-320
ing. Bay 4.20 is known as the vf nonuniversal condi-
dual channel dc amplifier recorder, and an ACTON
tioning equipment bay. Mounted in the bay from top
462A transmission delay measuring set. Mobile test
to bottom is a -48VDC containing equipment
bay No. 3 contains a speaker panel, a TTS-58AR im-
breaker panel, two shelves of Stelma 4-Way/4-Wire
pulse noise counter, an HP-312A frequency selective
bridges, two Stelma SSU-1, signal supply units, a bal-
voltmeter, an HP-3550 transmission measuring set,
last lamp panel, a ring alarm and monitor panel, two
and an envelope delay distortion measuring set
25 Hz ring generators, and six shelves of Northern
Radio type 1030, model 2, 4-Way/4-Wire bridges.
(4) AC Power Panels. The ac power panels supply=
g. Description of Equipment Row No. 5. Row No. 5
ing the TCF are located at the head of rows no. 1 and 2.
contains all the dc condition equipment (DLIU's) neces-
The fuse panels on the left supply 220 VAC power to
sary for the operation of the site. In addition, the 1000
ceiling lights, wall outlets, and ventilator exhaust
Hz test tone generators are located in Row 5.
fans. The TCF technical equipment is supplied by the
(1) DLIU Bays. Bays 5.1 through 5.9 contain the
two tech power panels which are fed via a 100A,
digital line interface unit-s (DLIU). Each bay contains
208/120 VAC fuse panel. The non-technical loads are
10 shelves, each shelf capable of containing six
supplied via the non-technical power panel which is
DLIU's. A fuse/alarm panel is mounted above the
fed via the 63A, 208/120 VAC fuse panel.
shelves with an IDF at the top of each bay.
(5) DC Distribution Bays 6.1 through 6.5. The dc
(2) Tone Source Bays. Bays 5.19 and 5.20 contain
power hays supply +130, 60, -48, -24, and
the 1000 Hz tune sources for the TCF. A TTS-39A-4
6VDC to the TCF. Bay 6.1 contains the control panel
and two rectifiers used to supply +130VDC. Bay 6.2
tone generator is mounted at the top of each bay. Each
contains the two PS alarm panels for the 60VDC sys-
bay also contains 14 TTS-39D-4 distribution ampli-
tem. Below these panels are two +60 VDC and two
fier panels.
- 60VDC power supplies, 60 VDC distribution fuse
h. Description of DC CDF Row No. 6. The DC CDF
panels, a spare fuse panel, 6VDC fuse panels and the
is constructed of Open metal framework. The vertical-
6VDC power supplies. Located in bay 6.3 are two
ly oriented terminal blocks occupy a matrix of 10 rows
-24VDC Solar power supplies, a Lorain power board
of 48 blocks per row. In columns 41, 42, and 43, the
monitor panel (-24VDC) and a -24VDC fuse panel
blocks are replaced with cable protectors for the pur-
Located in bay 6.4 are two -48VDC power supplies,
pose of terminating outside cable.
each with a -48VDC meter panel mounted above it.
i. Description of Miscellaneous Equipment.
Bay 6.5 contains all the -48VDC distribution equip-
(1) Supervisor's Console. Located at the head of all
ment which includes a ground bar, a -48VDC PS
and test facility rows is the supervisor's con-
Lorain power board monitor
in the console is a voice O/W panel and an
fuse distribution panels.
unit. An Order Wire Intercommunications
3-4. Function
trol Facility containing equipment that provides term-
TCF is a fixed station Technical Con-
ination, inter-connection, patching, interfacing, condi

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