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Page Title: Section I. PIRMASENS
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TM 11-5895-1012-10
Analysis AN/GGM-15, and an AN/FGC-80 teletype
tain dc patch panels (low level). Mounted above each dc
writer set.
patch panel is a Weston 273 low level voltmeter for
(2) 4-Wire Primary VF Patch and Test Facilities.
monitoring purposes. Each patch bay contains an
Bays 2.16 through 2.18 and 2.21 through 2.23 contain
interbay panel with lamps and a MISC/INT patch
4-wire primary vf patch facilities. Each patch bay con-
panel. Bays 1.4 and 1.5 are dc test bays. Bay 1.4 con-
tains an INT panel and a MISC panel with 10 lamps.
tains an alarm panel, Digital Data Analysis
Bays 2.19 and 2.20 are vf test bays. Each test bay con-
AN/GGM-11, Express Link Order Wire Unit
tains an alarm panel, and INT panel, a MISC panel
TA-923/FSC, and an AN/FGC-80 teletypewriter. Bay
with 10 lamps, and a writing shelf. Bay 2.19 contains a
1.5 also contains an alarm panel, an intercom unit,
voice O/W panel and a speaker panel. Mounted above
Digital Data Analysis AN/GGM-15, and a voice order-
bay 2.19 is a remote intercom speaker. Bay 2.20 con-
wire (O/W) unit. Bay 1.5 contains an interbay and a
tains a TA-923/FSC orderwire unit and a monitor
MISC/INT panel similar to the patch bays.
speaker panel. In addition the two vf test bays contain
(2) Primary VF Patch and Test Facilities. Bay
the following teat equipments, TTS-12AR singing
1.15 contains 6-wire primary vf patch panels; bays
point test set, a TTS-37BR noise measuring set, a
1.16, 1.17, and 1.18 contain 2-wire primary vf patch
TTS-27R terminal balance switching set, an
panels. Bay 1.18 also contains four Hub Data Repeat-
AN/USM-181B test set, and a TTS-56R noise genera-
ers. At the bottom of each patch panel is an INT panel
and MISC panel with 10 lamps. Bays 1.13 and 1.14 are
c. Description of Equipment Row No. 1A. Row 1A
test bays. Each test bay contains an alarm panel, and
contains spare bays, HF radio control bays, and vf
INT panel, and a MISC panel with 10 lamps. Test bay
equal level (EL) patch and test facilities.
1.14 contains a TTS-26BDR test set, a TTS-27 termi-
(1) Radio Control Bays. Bays 1A.3 and 1A.4 each
nal balance switching set, and a TTS-56RP noise gen-
contain a test bay alarm panel. Bay 1A.3 contains two
erator. Bay 1.13 also contains Express Link Order
SCC recorder announcers and three AN/FTA-28 tele-
Wire Unit TA-923/FSC, a dc meter panel and Data
phone terminals. Bay 1A.4 contains C-7667/FRR re-
ceiver control, a C7669/FRT transmitter control, a
(3) Alarm, Circuit Breaker, Orderwire, and Blank
TA-923/FSC order wire unit and a TT-98/FG tele-
Bays. Bays 1.19 and 1.20 contain orderwire equip-
typewriter set. Bays 1A.5, 1A.6, and 1A.7 are used for
ment. Bay 1.21 contains the TCF's alarm equipment.
HF radio control. The three bays contain Litcom Model
This consists of two major/minor alarm panels, two
699A and Model 699B receiver and transmitter con-
major alarm panels, and an alarm converter. Bay 1.22
trol units.
contains dc circuit breaker panels. The top panel in the
(2) Equal Level VF Patch and Test Facilities.
bay is the -24VDC breaker panel for supplying the
Bays 1A.8, 1A.9, 1A.12, 1A.13, and 1A.14 contain EL
alarm system. The bottom five panels supply -48
patch facilities. Below the jackfield in each patch bay
VDC power to the patch and test facilities. Bay 1.23 is
blank for future expansion.
is located an INT panel and a MISC panel with 10
lamps and a writing shelf. In addition, bay 1A.10 con-
b. Description of Equipment Row No. 2. Row no. 2
tains a voice O/W unit, a dual speaker panel. Mounted
contains dc and primary vf patch and test facilities, as
above bay 1A.10 is a remote intercom speaker. A
does row no. 1. Bays 2.1 through 218 contain
AN/UGC-61X DC O/W terminals. Bays 2.9 through
TA-923/FSC order wire unit is mounted in bay 1A.11.
2.15 contain dc patch and test facilities, while bays
The two vf test bays contain the following test equip
2.16 through 2.23 contain primary vf patch and test
ments, speaker panels, a TTS-37BR noise measuring
set, an AN/USM-181B test set, a 1450-TBR attenu-
ator panel, and a R561B oscilloscope with storage
(1) DC Patch and Test Facilities. Bays 2.9, 2.10,
rack for extra modules.
2.13, 2.14, and 2.15 contain dc patch facilities (low
level). Each patch bay has a low level voltmeter mount-
d. Description of Equipment Row No. 2A. Row 2A
ed above it and has an INT panel, a, MISC panel and a
contains vf equal level patch bay and test bay has an
writing shelf mounted below the jackfields. Bays 2.14
INT panel and a MISC panel with 10 lamps mounted at
and 2.15 are equipped with cut keys and lamps for use
the bottom of the bay. There are two sets of test bays
in row 2A, test bays 2A.3, 2A.4 and test bays 2A.10,
in conjunction with high frequency radio circuits.
Bays 2.11 and 2.12 are dc test bays. Each test bay con-
2A.11. The left bay in each set of test bays (bays 2A.4
and 2A.11) contains a voice O/W panel and speaker
tains an alarm panel and a writing shelf. Bay 2.11 con-
tains the voice O/W panel, an INT panel with lamps,
panel. The right bays in each set (bays 2A.3 and 2A.10)
and a MISC/INT panel. Bay 2.12 contains the intercom
contain an intercom unit and rack for stowing modules
unit In addition the two test bays contain the follow-
for the oscilloscope. Bay 2A.3 contains a TA-923/FSC
ing test equipment, Model PG-303A pattern genera-
order wire unit. All four test bays contain alarm panels
tor, Teletype Carrier Test Set TCTS-2A, Digital Data
and writing shelves. In addition, bays 2A.10 and

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