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Page Title: Figure 2-14. Solid state uninterruptible power system, simplified block diagram.
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TM 11-5895-1012-10
Figure 2-14. Solid state uninterruptible power system, simplified block diagram.
gency signal lights, test equipment, etc. These bat-
equipment Usually, these units have only one set
teries are available in various sizes and shapes and in
field coils and each set of armature windings is con
several capacities and voltages to accommodate a wide
nected to its own commutator. Essentially, dyna
range of uses. Special purposes dry batteries of higher
motors are motor-generators in which the motor and
than normal quality are also available for certain ap-
generator windings are wound in the same slot and on
a single common armature.
c. Rectifiers. With an ac power source, rectifiers in
e. Frequency Changers.
conjunction with appropriate transformers and filters
(1) Frequency changers are motor-generator sets
yield dc power with very little ripple content. Two
that convert ac of one voltage and frequency to ac of
common types of rectifiers are those that use electron
another voltage and frequency. Frequency changers
tubes and those that use semi-conductors of the disk
are used in DCS Stations to convert the incoming as
type (selenium, silicon, and germanium) as the rectify-
frequency and voltage to match the input power re
ing medium. Some rectifiers are designed as part of a
quirements of certain items of DCS equipment.
specific equipment and some of these cannot be used in
(2) The motor-generator sets, depending on the
other applications. However, many general purpose
application, may be driven by either a single or mull
rectifiers are available. In efficiency, rectifier output is
phase induction or synchronous type motor. The driv-
ing motor is usually coupled directly to the generator
usually from 60 to 70 percent of the input power.
by a common shaft with both machines mounted on
d. Dynamotors. Dynamotors are rotating machines
the same bedplate.
used to convert dc voltage of one value to dc voltage of
another value and usually are components of specific
2-30. General
will discuss the conditioning equipment found in the
introduction of high-speed data
TCF and those other items of equipment which are re-
quired to insure circuit performance and to enable the
transmission into the DCS, the term "circuit condition-
Technical Controllers to perform the function of the
ing" was little used in Technical Control Facilities. As
higher speed data circuits came into wider usage, the
b. Ideally, all transmission systems and the chan-
term became increasingly familiar to technical control-
nels of these systems should preserve the fidelity an
lers, especially as it applied to circuits obtained from
amplitude of the original information. However, it is
recognized that in a practical communications system
the information carried over any transmission media
is subject to certain electrical characteristic changes
have an understanding of the requirements for circuit
which result in loss, delay, or distortion of the trans-
conditioning and technical information on the equip-
mitted information. Even though systems are properly
ment required fop circuit conditioning. This section

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