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Page Title: Figure 2-3. Subsystem interface with the DCS.
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Figure 2-3. Subsystem interface with the DCS.
to a predesignated subscriber as soon as the handset is
familiar with is the Automatic Digital Ne
lifted from the cradle.
(AUTODIN). AUTODIN interstation trunks are sup
(4) Special Networks. These special networks may
plied by the worldwide DCS main-line trunk routes.
allow complete privacy to specially designated users or
The transmission quality on the AUTODIN trunks is
the responsibility of the DCS Station Technical Con-
allow them access to the entire AUTOVON network.
trol Facility. The technical control personnel monitor
These special networks fall into two categories:
all incoming dc circuits and breakdown voice
frequency telegraph carrier into individual dc circuits.
These circuits are then extended to the AUTODIN
(b) Category 2 provides special treatment to
users within a special interest community. This com-
switch. Like the AUTOVON, the AUTODIN Switching
Center has a built-in Technical Control Facility for op-
munity of special interest can be within one geographi-
erational and control purposes.
cal area or worldwide. General purpose subscribers can
b. AUTODIN Is a store and forward switching
be prevented from calling into category 2 networks
network for the transmission of digital data. The
and category 2 subscribers can be denied access to the
AUTODIN is a high speed, flexible, computer con-
general purpose network.
trolled network which provides the Department of De-
c. Normally connection through the AUTOVON
fense and other Government agencies with digital
from user to user will be completed in about 4 seconds.
communications. The flexibility of AUTODIN is
Difficult connections may take up to 10 seconds
illustrated by the following capabilities:
through unusual or complex routing. This is switching
time only and excludes the time required to dial. Off-
(1) Processes traffic on a store and forward basis
hook service connections are normally established in
between two widely separated users.
less than 2 seconds. So that designed speed and quality
(2) Sends and receives traffic to and from users at
of service can be realized, AUTOVON designated DCS
transmission rates between 75 and 2400 baud and be-
circuits must be maintained at a high quality.
tween AUTODIN switching centers at rates up to
2-13. AUTODIN Interface
(3) Accepts traffic from teletypewriter, punched
(fig. 2-3 and 2-4)
card terminals, magnetic tape terminals, and com-
a Another communications subsystem interface
which a technical controller must be aware of and

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