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Page Title: Special Assignments
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TM 11-5895-1012-10
ters within established standards.
(7) Establish procedures for subordinate stations
to forward to the FCO test and alignment data;
analyze that data looking for trends toward adverse
system performance; forward performance data to the
the identification of harmful in-
DOCC and operation and maintenance activities.
(8) Implement transmission facility activation,
Assistance in the evaluation of jamming sig-
deactivation, and configuration change schedules.
Notify appropriate elements when implementation is
of incoming signals and making
completed or delayed.
ons concerning frequency changes.
(9) Maintain appropriate logs and system perfor-
2-6. Special Assignments
mance records.
(10) Report assigned facility operation status to
implementation of the overall control plan
higher levels of authority and respond to their direc-
requires that certain TCF's be designated as Facility
Control Offices, Circuit Control Offices, and Interme-
b. Circuit Control Office. One TCF through which a
diate Control Offices (ICO). Control office designa-
circuit passes is designated in the technical service or-
based on recom-
der as the CCO. CCO personnel are responsible for the
following actions:
(1) Activation of the circuit from end-to-end and
and vary depending upon the length and complexity of
ensure that the service order is completed 72 hours be-
the overall transmission facility, types of transmission
fore the scheduled service date.
media involved as well as the communications and
(2) Direct overall lineup and subsequent testing
testing facilities available. The responsibility for over-
to ensure that the circuit meets the parameters estab-
all service still rests with the DOCC. However, the spe-
lished for the grade of service.
cially designated TCF's assist in carrying out the mis-
(3) Advise the appropriate elements of any circuit
restrictions which might effect service.
(4) Prepare and implement out-of-service quality
control test schedules.
exercises technical supervision over specified DCS
(5) Record and maintain on file the required test
wideband facilities. The FCO is selected on its accessi-
bility to the systems and stations under its control and
(6) Initiate isolation and correction of any trouble
discovered as a result of quality control testing.
orderwire capabilities to each Intermediate Control
Office and to other TCF's within the designated area
(7) Coordinate end-to-end testing whenever the
of responsibility. When a TCF is designated as a FCO
circuit routing is substantially changed or it has been
it will have technical supervision over all links under
restored after a prolonged outage.
its control. All TCFs and PTF's along the route, as
(8) Make certain that all patches and cross-con-
well as all connected TCF's and PTF's. These stations
nects are removed when the circuit is discontinued.
will respond to the FCO's technical direction. TCF per-
(9) Report to high level of authority, uncoopera-
sonnel assume the following added responsibilities
tive action on the part of any TCF, PTF, or commercial
when the TCF is designated as a Facility Control Of-
agency during circuit activation or deactivation.
(10) Coordinate restoration of assigned circuits in-
n operational status of assigned facili-
cluding coordination of reroute action.
(11) Direct and coordinate troubleshooting to iso-
(2) Direct remedial action to correct service degra-
late and clear the trouble which is disrupting service.
dations which affect system performance and user
(12) Restore the circuit to its normal path as soon
as possible. This is done through constant review of
(3) Direct restoral and reroute action.
temporary path changes.
(4) Direct special testing to isolate system and cir-
(13) Keep all elements advised as to progress of
to determine capability of the system to
or uniqueservice requirements.
(14) Establish procedures for handling and record-
adjacent TCF's and PTF's whenever a
ing service interruptions and bring any conditions be-
that may have an effect on the opera-
yond the capability of the TCF's, PTF's and/or CCO to
the attention of the appropriate element.
d. Intermediate Control office. If the circuit layout
is such that the FCO or the CCO is not in the best posi

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