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Page Title: Additional Responsibilities
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TM 11-5895-1012-10
larly. Take action to restore the circuit to its normal
j. Notify the Circuit Control Office (CCO) when a
circuit has been changed considerably or has been re-
stored after prolonged outage so that the circuit can be
retested end-to-end.
k. Respond to the operational direction and techni-
cal supervision of higher level control offices.
l. Consult with the higher level control office before
taking action that would disrupt service, except in
emergency situations when the action cannot be de-
m. Prepare and forward reports in accordance with
have a circuit which
current directives.
stored or rerouted over new facilities tested from end-
n. Establish written local operating procedures for
coordinating with commercial agencies, users, and
f. Notiy the appropriate control office
other sections within the DCS Station.
will not be available at the time and date
o. Review circuit performance and initiate action
with other stations to correct problems or unsatisfac-
tory conditions. Refer conditions and problems beyond
the capability or outside the authority of the TCF to
the appropriate control center or operation and main-
tenance activity with recommendations for resolution.
p. Arrange for coverage of partially attended or
tenance work, and other sched
unattended stations when a need is anticipated or
when an emergency or channel shortage arises.
q. Activate on-call or overload circuits.
2-5. Additional Responsibilities
r. Coordinate and expedite activation of special cir-
cuits called for in special instructions.
s. Maintain up-to-date contingency actions to be
taken in the event of significant communications fail-
ure to ensure continuity of service.
t. Exercise extreme care so that service is not inad-
vertently interrupted.
ties at the station as follows:
u. Report immediately all instances of negative or
a. Technical Control Facility. TCF
untimely response from PTF's, operation and mainte-
sponsible for:
nance activities, other TCF's, or commercial agencies.
v. Make recommendations which would improve the
TCF either as a facility or from an equipment stand-
w. Maintain and properly label equipment and
patch bays.
x. Assure that all technical controllers are trained
in authorized procedures and that these procedures are
y. Maintain a current reference library readily ac-
cessible to all technical controllers.
z. Publish and post notices concerning additions, de=
letions, or changes in circuits; special tests on circuits
or equipment; changes in frequency assignments, etc.
2-4. TCF Responsibilities to Subscribers
or Users
(5) Radiated power.
or user access to the
A TCF which provides
(6) Transmission levels.
DCS has additional responsibilities which must be sat-
c. Radio Receiver Station.
isfied. The service TCF personnel are responsible at all

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