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Page Title: Load Bracing System.
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Interior Lining (General Cargo Containers).
TB-55-8115-200-23 Milvan Containers Overhaul or Repaired General Cargo with Load Bracing System Manual
Figure No. 9. Method of Checking Alignment of ISO Containers.
TB 55-8115-200-23
17. Load Bracing System.
a. Replace any vertical and/or horizontal rail that is bent, dented or distorted beyond the point that
it/they cannot be adequately straightened. If any rail is fractured and/or locking slots are distorted, the
rail will be removed for a distance of two side panel corrugations from each end of the damage and be
replaced. Damaged vertical rails will be replaced for a distance of 6 inches (1.83 m) on each side of the
damaged area of the rail. Any rail displaying stage IV corrosion is to be replaced.
b. A bent beam assembly may be straightened. If the beam has been crushed, replace complete
assembly. Replace damaged or bent fittings.
18. Over-All Dimensions.
a. The over-all outside dimension must be within the tolerances indicated below:
Over-all height:
8'0" .19" (2.44m .972m)
Over-all length:
19' 10.5" + 0" -.25" (6.06m + 0 -.076m)
Over-all width:
8'0" .19" (2.44m .057m)
b. Allowable variations of + 0" - .35" (0 -.114m) are allowed between the centers of the aperture of the
diagonally opposite corner fittings (see figure no. 9).
19. Painting.
a. Preparation.
(1) Surfaces to be painted shall be free from corrosion, dirt, grease and scaly paint.
(2) Welds and adjacent areas shall contain no loose scale or slag.
(3) All surfaces that are to remain free of paint shall be properly protected before painting.
(4) Grease fittings shall be protected to remain free of paint.
b. Painting.
(1) Immediately after abrasive cleaning, light-test in accordance with paragraph la, Section III.
Repair any visible holes and then apply one cost of either TT-P-664 primer or TT-E-485 enamel (Type IV
preferred) or TT-E-529, inside and outside. If additional repairs are required, spot clean and spot paint, us-
ing like primers. Then, if TT-P-664 has been used as a primer, an additional coat of TT-E-485 or TT-E-529
enamel will be applied to the roof of the MILVAN as added protection. A final coat of either OD or Forest
Green paint will be applied inside; however, the exterior surfaces must be Forest Green, MIL-E-52798. If
the doors are replaced, then the following special procedures apply to the wooden, Zinc or metal-clad doors.
Abrasively clean lightly (emery cloth on metal, sandpaper on wood). Do not remove zinc coating. Then app-
ly one coat of TT-P-1757 primer to the entire door. The final coat applied to the doors shall be Forest Green.
The door is to be primed prior to mounting hardware (e.g., hinges, latches, etc.).
Apply the primer to a film thickness of 1 MIL or more.
* U S Government Printing Office 1985-564-030/20022

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