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Page Title: Interior Lining (General Cargo Containers).
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Figure No. 8 Sheet Metal Patch.
TB-55-8115-200-23 Milvan Containers Overhaul or Repaired General Cargo with Load Bracing System Manual
Load Bracing System.
TB 55-8115-200-23
(4) Repair metal around the entire perimeter. Acceptable Techniques:
(a) Weld.
(b) Screw or rivet and seal with caulking compound.
(6) Paint repaired area in accordance with specification MIL-T-704. After cleaning and treating, apply
two coats of rust-inhibiting semi-gloss enamel paint, allow overnight drying between coats.
d. Hinges, when broken, torn or twisted, must be repaired or replaced.
e. Grease fittings, when broken or missing, must be replaced. Grease all fittings.
f. If the locking bar tube is bent, remove locking assembly from the door, straighten the tube and refit to
the door. If this is not possible, install a new assembly.
g. If the locking bar guides are broken or bent, install new parts.
h. Replace the door seal if it leaks or is covered with paint to the extent that it is not flexible. A common
nail, size 3d, (1.25 inch long), NSN 5314-00-164-5126, or equal, may be substituted for staple to install the
door gasket retainer strip.
There is no inside escape latch on MILVAN container
doors. With an assistant standing by to open and close
the doors, the inspector should go inside the container
and with the doors closed, inspect for light leaks around
i. Replace the door frame if it is distorted and cannot be straightened in order to realign door.
j. Remove document holder and plug holes for water and light tightness.
k. Tack-weld door hardware (nuts, hinges, locking bars, etc.) to deter removal.
l. Door chains (for holding door to fully-opened position) must have a tensile strength equal to, or better
than, that specified in Drawing No. 13219E0052 and verified by the vendor or testing agency. Size of links
may vary as long as fit, form and function requirements are satisfied.
15. Interior Lining (General Cargo Containers).
If the interior lining is damaged (minor dents excepted), patch, using 20 gage galvanized or aluminum
sheet metal fastened with pop rivets, The entire panel must be replaced by a similar plywood sheet if the
panel damage exceeds 144 square inches. To install the plywood liners, sheet metal screws of equal grip
may be substituted for drive screws. Assure that the patches have no sharp edges or corners. Punctures
less than 1/2 inch in diameter do not have to be repaired.
16. Interior Kick Plate (General and Restraining Contained.
All missing or damaged fasteners must be replaced if the sidewall kick plate is damaged. Patching is
allowed. If panel damage exceeds 144 square inches, the whole kick plate section must be replaced. The
kick plate shall be fully adhesive-bonded to the plywood.
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