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Page Title: Floor Cress Members.
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SECTION II. Maintenance Standards
TB-55-8115-200-23 Milvan Containers Overhaul or Repaired General Cargo with Load Bracing System Manual
Floor Boards.
TB 55-8115-200-23
c. Door Header Drip. This area may be repaired by butt-welding an insert in the damaged area.
d. After repair, the outside dimension (OD) (see figure 9) will not exceed 19 feet 10.5 inches, .25 inches
(6.062 m .076 m), and the inside dimension (ID) will not be less than 19 feet 3 inches (5.80 m).
e. After repair, the door opening dimension will be not less than 7 feet 5 inches wide (2.262 m) in width
or 7 feet (2.135 m) in height.
f. After repair, the entire container must be square at all corners.
9. Roof Bow.
Minor bends to the roof bows will be accepted as long as there are no cracks or signs of strain on the
bows. If the bows are bent, but not cracked, they maybe straightened back into position. Assure that the
welds are intact. Replace when necessary in accordance with Drawing No. 13219E0074.
10. Roof Panel.
a. Tears, punctures, cracks and holes which affect tightness of the container must be repaired.
b. Welded or riveted (use of pop rivets not authorized) patches that do not exceed a 12 inch X 12 inch
(.305 m X .305 m) surface are acceptable. Sealer No. TT-S-230 should be applied between the patch and the
roof skin where the rivets are used.
c. Roof panels with stage IV corrosion, and those that require more than one patch must be replaced. A
maximum of 4 patches 12 inches X 12 inches (.305 m X .305 m) per roof will be allowed.
d. After repair the inside height will not be less than 7 feet 3 inches (2.211 m) and the outside height will
not exceed 8 feet (2.44 m).
e. With the doors tightly closed, no light or water penetration into the container permitted after repair.
f. Assure that there is no major dishing in the roof panel.
11. Floor Cress Members.
Regardless of other repair, cross member numbers 3 through 19 will be strengthened in accordance
with Drawing No. 13222E7283.
b. Any cross member, numbers 2 through 20, must be repaired or replaced if
(1) Floor screws are dislodged (redrill and replace screw with next larger size screw).
(2) Any cross members cracked or fractured (repair or replace according to Drawing No. 13222E7283).
(3) Weldments at the side frame are missing, broken or distorted (straighten and reweld according to
Drawing No. 13222E7283.
(4) Any cross member bent or distorted beyond repair (replace in accordance with Drawing No.
(5) Any cross member severely corroded (replace according to Drawing No. 13222E7283).
(6) When necessary, replacement of a previously repaired/strengthened member will be accomplished
according to Sheet No. 2, View D and E of Drawing No. 13222E7283).
* U.S. GOVERNMENT PRINTING OFFICE: 1989 - 654-030/00184

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