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SB 740-95-20
(c) Deterioration, inorganic vitreous items.
chemical requirements of established specifications and
drawings (this  includes  renovated, reworked, and
Glass, ceramic, solid carbon, etc.
Stage I (Defect Code 96A) Small cracks or
reconditioned lots).
(d) Miscellaneous lot.  A combination of a
crazed (crackled surface).
Stage II (Defect Code 96B).
single manufacturer's small lots or lot fragments
possessing the same technical history.
(chipped) or fractured (broken, major cracks, or splits) to
(e) Mixed lot. A combination of the same kind
an extent where fit, function, or life has been affected.
(5)  Inspection (Type of).
and type of materiel for which identification of the
manufacturer, the lot number, or the time of manufacture
(a) Cyclical Inspection (CI).  Surveillance of
is incomplete.
material in storage performed on a regular basis. In this
(7)  Occurrence basis.  An inspection, without a
bulletin, the cycle is established in APPENDIX B by the
predetermined time frame, that is performed as the need
inspection frequency code in concert with type of storage
occurs, e.g., initial receipt inspection (IRI) is performed
and packing (see paragraph 2-6e). The purpose is to
when the shipment arrives.
determine the serviceability status of items at the end of
(8)  Serviceable. The condition of an item that has
each cycle.
(b) Initial  Receipt  Inspection  (IRI).
been determined by inspection to be satisfactory and
safe for its intended use.
inspection performed on newly manufactured materiel
(9)  Shelf-life item. An item of supply possessing
received directly from a vendor, manufacturer, or
deteriorative or unstable characteristics to the degree
government activity. The purpose is to determine if the
that a storage time period must be assigned to assure
items, the packing, or the preservation have been
that it will perform satisfactorily in service. There are two
damaged in transit and whether the packaging, packing,
types of shelf-life items defined by AR 700-89 as:
marking, and preservation are correct. This inspection is
(a) Type I shelf-life item. An item of supply
not intended as an acceptance-type inspection.
(c) Pre-Issue
that is determined, through an evaluation of technical
test data or actual experience, to be an item with a
inspections and tests on materiel immediately preceding
definite non-extendable shelf life, or an item of supply
(d) Prestorage  Inspection  (PSI).
wherein the extendable period is unknown.
notification of the Inventory Control Point (ICP) of the
inspection performed on materiel received from other
items shelf-life status guidance is to be provided by the
depots, posts, camps, stations, or overseas returns
ICP as to its disposition.
received within CONUS. The purpose is to determine
(b) Type II shelf-life item. An item of supply
receipt condition and the current degree of serviceability
having an assigned shelf life, where the shelf life may be
of the items when serviceability status is unknown.
(e) Special Inspection (SPI).  An inspection
extended after the completion of a prescribed inspection,
a test, or a restorative action.
performed at the direction of higher headquarters or as
(10) Storage  Serviceability  Standards  (SSS).
deemed  necessary  to  satisfy  local  installation
Technical documents containing inspection instructions
(f) Unit Basis Inspection (UBI). An inspection
and criteria essential to determine serviceability of
materiel in storage.
where each unit in the lot is inspected for the defect
(11) Unserviceable. The condition of an item that
characteristic under consideration.
The unit basis
has been determined by inspection to be unsatisfactory
method is also used for serially-numbered major end
or unsafe for its intended use.
items that are considered separately for surveillance
(12) Qualified inspector.  An individual who has
(6)  Lots.
been certified as a qualified inspector by Commander,
(a) Depot  lot.
US  Army  Armament,  Munitions  and  Chemical
A  combination  of  lots,
Command, ATTN: DRSMC-QAG (weapons), DRSMC-
irrespective of manufacturer or age, of the same kind
QAF (R) (fire control), DRSMC-QAF-C (R) (chemical) or
and type of materiel grouped into one large single lot for
DRSMC-QAS (R) (ammunition), Rock Island, IL 61299.
the purpose of economy in surveillance.
(b) Grand lot. All lots of the same kind and
type of materiel from one manufacturer or reconditioning
1-4. Errors or Omissions.
Forward comments
agency grouped into one large lot for the purpose of
regarding errors or omissions in this bulletin on DA
economy in surveillance.
(c) Manufacturer's lot. A quantity of one 1-2
item of materiel manufactured or assembled in one plant,
from raw materials or components of the same physical
characteristics, under uniform conditions designed to
effect homogeneity, and meeting definite physical and

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